Hello everyone,

welcome to my new blog. I thought I would first do a post that would explain what I would be talking about on this blog and give the first offers for people to join in.

First off I think it will be obviously I will talking about Nighitngale. I will post an article on Nightingale each week. This can anything from a character details, to behind the scenes of an episode to a particular theme in the series. Also as part of each article there will be a chance for readers to get their questions answered. I will give out the details on the topic of the article and ask people to send in their questions and I will answer them at the end of the article. So for the first article, I am going to do a behind the scenes of “Trial by Fire”.

If you have any unanswered questions, then please do send them to me either on the discussion board or through the PM system. I will use up to ten questions.

Secondly I am a big science fiction fan, in fact many people will not have guessed that I love Stargate more than I love Star Trek. However I often think that writing for Stargate is rather more limited and prefer to write for the Star Trek universe. I will be discussing some of the stories and themes presented in some other science fiction series and books. However you may not guess which ones I will talk about.

Thirdly, I am a keen student of Business. Having gone to university to study business I like to discuss some issues. For some of the time this will come from my love of “The Apprentice” on BBC at the moment. But can be taken from any recent news.

I hope people enjoy my blog and I hope to see you soon.